The Dream Rolls On

hogar-construccion-12-feb-2013-007.jpghogar-construccion-12-feb-2013-002.jpghogar-construccion-12-feb-2013-012.jpghogar-construccion-12-feb-2013-009.jpg Great day in the morning! When I walked onto the hogar-construccion-12-feb-2013-008.jpghogar-construccion-12-feb-2013-003.jpg construction site I was amazed at the progress made on the new home for the children of the Fundación Señor San José while I was in the States. The building is expected to be completed in six months. What a wonderful thing this is that is coming to fruition. I am so proud of Sister Edith and the patient, devoted tenacity that led her to reach the goal of her life. I am proud that I have been a small part of the effort.

One thought on “The Dream Rolls On

  1. Glenn


    I’ve neglected to check your blog in a while, and I’m surprised and absolutely excited to see the progress on the new building! I’m sure y’all are too. Patience and tenacity…boy, are you right on that one. I have so much admiration for you and Sister Edith; it makes me happy and optimistic about this world just to know you are both there doing what you’re doing. Keep it up. 🙂 And keep posting the update photos, please!

    Hope you enjoyed your trip back to the States and that you’re feel better soon! Being sick is no fun. I’m just getting over a killer cold myself.

    Sending all my best,


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