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My name is Fortunato Velasquez.  I received my Registered Nurse’s license from the State of California during the month that Neil Armstrong walked on the moon (my grandsons once eagerly asked me if there were any dinosaurs around when I was growing up). My experiences in nursing have included employment in Emergency Departments, Intensive Care Units, Home Health Care, Public Health, and Community Health Care in places as diverse and far-ranging as California’s San Joaquin Valley working with migrant workers to the Tule River Indian Reservation to San Francisco big city hospitals to ten years as a volunteer RN with mentor Joan Truskoff at the Pike Market Medical Clinic on Seattle’s waterfront; and now I have been honored by my country with an assignment to a posting as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Honduras.  In order to satisfy a persistent, insistent muse, I have also completed graduate work at the University of Washington instructed by authors Michael Byers, Janna Harris and Carol Orlock in Literary Fiction Writing.  As a result I have written two novels and a number of short stories (Nothing published: Yet).  In addition I have had the pleasure of working as a volunteer TESOL tutor with colleagues Sharon Victor and Sara Elefson at the Literacy Council of Seattle.  I am grateful to have been provided with such eclectic opportunities.  Thank you, Gaea….  I hope we’re not too late.

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  1. Emilio Fernandez

    Good morning, how are you?

    My name is Emilio, I am a Spanish boy and I live in a town near to Madrid. I am a very interested person in knowing things so different as the culture, the way of life of the inhabitants of our planet, the fauna, the flora, and the landscapes of all the countries of the world etc. in summary, I am a person that enjoys traveling, learning and respecting people’s diversity from all over the world.

    I would love to travel and meet in person all the aspects above mentioned, but unfortunately as this is very expensive and my purchasing power is quite small, so I devised a way to travel with the imagination in every corner of our planet. A few years ago I started a collection of used stamps because trough them, you can see pictures about fauna, flora, monuments, landscapes etc. from all the countries. As every day is more and more difficult to get stamps, some years ago I started a new collection in order to get traditional letters addressed to me in which my goal was to get at least 1 letter from each country in the world. This modest goal is feasible to reach in the most part of countries, but unfortunately, it is impossible to achieve in other various territories for several reasons, either because they are very small countries with very few population, either because they are countries at war, either because they are countries with extreme poverty or because for whatever reason the postal system is not functioning properly.

    For all this, I would ask you one small favor:
    Would you be so kind as to send me a letter by traditional mail from Honduras? I understand perfectly that you think that your blog is not the appropriate place to ask this, and even, is very probably that you ignore my letter, but I would call your attention to the difficulty involved in getting a letter from that country, and also I don’t know anyone neither where to write in Honduras in order to increase my collection. a letter for me is like a little souvenir, like if I have had visited that territory with my imagination and at same time, the arrival of the letters from a country is a sign of peace and normality and an original way to promote a country in the world. My postal address is the following one:

    Emilio Fernandez Esteban
    Avenida Juan de la Cierva, 44
    28902 Getafe (Madrid)

    If you wish, you can visit my blog http://www.cartasenmibuzon.blogspot.com where you can see the pictures of all the letters that I have received from whole World.

    Finally, I would like to thank the attention given to this letter, and whether you can help me or not, I send my best wishes for peace, health and happiness for you, your family and all your dear beings.

    Yours Sincerely

    Emilio Fernandez


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