Met the Nun: Lost my Heart

A Biographical Memoir

Chapter 1

They had been kicked out of their home. That’s how I met her. A Peace Corps Volunteer completing his two-year service introduced me to Sister Edith and the children. It was almost night when he led me to the abandoned building, Nick had a month to go before returning to the States: Portland, Oregon. My two-year tour had just begun…more

Chapter 2

It felt like a genuine homecoming the moment I walked through the door of the Hogar Señor San José after three months away. Up to my ankles in corn husks, I approached Sister Edith who, with a surprised smile, got up and gave me a big hug. Children rushed around me hugging my legs. “Do you remember my name?” two or three asked. That morning someone had donated and dumped a large mound of unshucked dry corn that covered the dirt floor and everyone soon returned to shucking while we talked…more