Daily Archives: 13. February 2013

The Dream Rolls On

hogar-construccion-12-feb-2013-007.jpghogar-construccion-12-feb-2013-002.jpghogar-construccion-12-feb-2013-012.jpghogar-construccion-12-feb-2013-009.jpg Great day in the morning! When I walked onto the hogar-construccion-12-feb-2013-008.jpghogar-construccion-12-feb-2013-003.jpg construction site I was amazed at the progress made on the new home for the children of the Fundación Señor San José while I was in the States. The building is expected to be completed in six months. What a wonderful thing this is that is coming to fruition. I am so proud of Sister Edith and the patient, devoted tenacity that led her to reach the goal of her life. I am proud that I have been a small part of the effort.