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Utila January 1, 2013

img_0536.JPGimg_0486.JPG Utila is one of the Bay Islands in the Caribbean off the coast of Honduras. It’s the third largest after Roatan and Guanaja.

img_0539.JPGimg_0541.JPG I decided to spend the New Year here and arrived on December 29, 2012 on the ferry from La Ceiba. I will be here until January 3, 2013 and will arrive back at my home in La Paz on January 5, 2013. It has been nice to relax at this beautiful island seashore for a week. When I travel to Seattle on January 9, 2013 I will encounter a completely different weather system, where I will remain until February 9th. I have appointments at the VA Hospital for an annual physical exam and with my orthopedic surgeon for an assessment of my fractured arm. The orthopedist told me at our visit last May that I may need another surgery. I quite emphatically do not want that to happen. I return to Honduras after a month in the States eager to watch the new building for the Fundacion San Jose become a reality.