Daily Archives: 23. February 2013

Killer Mango Tree

mango-tree-par-excellence-23-february-2013-012.jpg mango-tree-par-excellence-23-february-2013-006.jpg mango-tree-par-excellence-23-february-2013-009.jpg mango-tree-par-excellence-23-february-2013-010.jpg mango-tree-par-excellence-23-february-2013-007.jpg

This huge mango tree that lives behind my apartment is more than meets the eye. It is immense and loaded with mango fruit. This mango tree is unique in that it is in fact a small grove of twelve trees growing in a very crowded space. Mango trees are evergreen trees native to Southeast Asia and India. They can grow up to 100 feet tall depending on variety. The mango in my back yard is over 100 feet tall. I don’t know it’s variety but it’s in season and produces a smallish green fruit that kids passing in the street try to knock off the trees with rocks and even other fallen mangos. Yesterday four kids came by in the afternoon and one shucked off his shoes and climbed up into the higher branches to shake the fruit down.