Daily Archives: 28. August 2011

Brujogol 2011


Although it looks like I’m having a bad hair day, nothing could be further from the truth.  Saturday’s Brujogol Futbol game was a resounding success.  I am a member of the hospital’s volunteer group that supports the Hogar Materno (Maternity Home), a home for soon-to-birth mothers who come down from the mountain aldeas to have their babies.  These folks are very poor and the home is available to them at 20 lempiras (one dollar) a day.  If they can’t pay no one is turned away.  We raised more than 20,000 lempiras for the Hogar Materno this weekend.  A very good day indeed.  One of the goalies is a physician in town, wearing the teddy bear on his head.  Miraculously, it stayed on for the entire game.  The lovely lady in the red uniform is my new La Paz PCV site mate, Glenn from South Carolina.  Ana in the yellow uniform is the oldest child at the Hogar San Jose at 12 y.o.  Final score: Red Team 10, Yellow Team 6.