Daily Archives: 22. August 2011

Search For A Trampoline


La Paz didn’t have one available.  Neither did Comayagua, a larger city 30 minutes away.  Nor did La Ceiba, Honduras’ third largest city on the Caribbean coast where Dr Lizano and I visited two weekends ago.  This weekend we were in Tegucigalpa where Dignora and I went to pick up two AFS students from Belgium who would be spending a year in La Paz living with a Honduran family and attending classes: two young ladies who speak French, English and Dutch.  Now they will learn Spanish as well.  In the capitol city I finally located my trampoline after five stops: at Sears.  My Occupational Therapist gave me a series of exercises to do while in Honduras, one included throwing a basketball at a propped up trampoline three times a day in order to exercise my injured arm’s muscles.  I finally got it Tony!  And yes, that pink tunnel is the stairway where I fell head first and almost killed myself on that fateful day on February 9th, six months ago.  The students carried it up a second staircase to the roof where I will finally be able to do that exercise until the day I return to Seattle on 10 September for my last surgery scheduled for September 21st.