Daily Archives: 8. August 2011



What a busy day!  I attended Sunday mass with Sister Edith and the children.  I am not much for religious dogma, however I felt an obligation to step forth my first Sunday back home to thank the folks who had been praying for my successful surgery and recuperation from my elbow fracture.  I am touched to the core at the care and consideration exhibited in my behalf.  I am glad I went to church today.  After we returned to the Hogar San Jose we received an evangelical medical brigade from Kentucky in the US affiliated with the Mission Caribe who tended to the children’s dental needs.  They cleaned teeth and extracted a few and provided dental hygiene education.  Since my return I have stayed busy every day tending to my projects.  Tomorrow I travel to Tegucigalpa for my own dental appointment to tend to a sore tooth.  Next weekend I travel to La Ceiba on the Caribbean coast with a physician friend.  More adventures later.  I am so glad to be home.