Movin’ Right Along

The residents at the St. Joseph Home for at-risk children have physically healed from their accident injuries. The psychological trauma however remains. We have on staff an excellent child psychologist who does quite well with the kids and they all like her; an important milestone. My bout with the flu is almost over, after 4 weeks. The virus picked an inopportune time to attack me, my having to move my belongings to a new home. I made one trip a day across town in my Honda hybrid moving slowly to conserve energy. On Sundays, after church, the oldest children helped move the big stuff in my old Chevy pickup. Next Sunday we’ll finish moving an armoire and a large filing cabinet and then we’re headed for the nearby Rio Humuya to relax in the water. I will be in my new home by March 1st. Yahoo!


I am two weeks into the most severe reaction to the flu that I have ever experienced. At my last visit to the States this past September I failed to receive my annual flu shot for the first time in decades. As I slowly begin to recuperate I also have a house move this month. Bad timing. The proprietors of my last two rentals assured me I could remain for several years. They lied. After the one year lease expired each told me they were going to sell the house. Ergot my third move in as many years. My future new owner tells me I can remain for 10 years, a very nice home, by the way. She says she’ll sell it to me. I doubt she means it but what choice do I have.

Celia Returns Home

Celia and Sister Edith returned home yesterday, 23 January 2018, after 18 days in the hospital in Tegucigalpa following surgery for Celia’s fractured mandible. They were both welcomed with open arms and lots of hugs and good wishes. One other child remains in a long leg cast for a leg fracture. One adult will be seen tomorrow for a repeat ultrasound to check the status of a bruised ovary sustained in the accident. Apart from the emotional trauma, all other injuries have healed and life will gradually return to normal. We give thanks for having survived a more severe outcome.


Email to our friends in TexasHola, Allison, the plastic surgeon in Tegus wants to let the swelling go down before he works on Celia’s fractured mandible. Sister Edith or one of her family is at Celia’s side at all times. Celia is never alone. Sister Edith sent me a photo of Celia with Sister Edith feeding her jello. She may have sent you one as well. All the children have been stabilized. A pediatrician friend of mine is looking after the injured children at the Home daily. Another friend and I (I am an RN) are cleaning wounds daily, four have sutures, abrasions, and hematomas. Two children are using either a wheelchair or a walker. Celia is the last child who requires more intensive care but she is stable. One adult is still hospitalized in La Paz, one was discharged today. I communicate with Sister Edith twice a day while she is in Tegus. I will continue to keep you informed. Pictures of the wrecked minibus tomorrow. God bless you.

Nacimiento Evolution

The Nativity play depicting the birth of Baby Jesus is progressing well. The kids are excited. They helped with the set construction and each has an acting part. From a donkey to the shepherds to Mary and Joseph. The show goes on December 23rd and 24th. Our dress rehearsal is December 22nd: less than two weeks. We, however, still have much work to do. Today we’re working on dialogue and will continue to rehearse every day. I have my fingers crossed.


The kids and I have been meeting weekly for the past three Sundays after mass, assigning characters. Today was our first act-through with everyone in their assigned places. The children were absolutely great. I could feel the positive self-esteem vibrating in the air. Having been raised in a religious environment, the kids are familiar with the story of Mary and Joseph’s trek to Bethlehem for the birth of Baby Jesus. I gathered them together to experiment with the characters’ dialogue and create a script. To my surprise, the youngsters created their own dialogue spontaneously. We had so much fun. The kids are so funny. They had me laughing out loud. Especially when 9-year-old Maryuri, substituting for our absent Mary actress, appeared with a soccer ball under her shirt feigning Mary’s pregnancy with Baby Jesus. Then she sat on 11-year-old Milthon’s back (our donkey) as they made their way to Bethlehem 🙂



Judgement Day

More than two years ago, I filed a denuncia with the Tribunal de Honor del Colegio de Abogados alleging incompetence and fraud. The attorney who defrauded me of $1,000 was last week judged to be an incompetent who committed fraud, the judgment issued by a tribunal of her peers of the country’s College of Lawyers. I posted my intentions on this web page to file a complaint. I wrote that I would name the lawyer if my effort was successful. Her name is: Abogada Tania Carolina Varela Torres domiciled in Comayagua, Honduras. She is, incredibly, the Immigration attorney for the US employees assigned to the Palmerola Air Base in The Comayagua Valley. The decision by the tribunal does not order a monetary refund so it will be up to me to file an action in civil court to put a lien (derecho de retención) on any property she owns. Stay tuned.

Day Of The Dead

The Day of The Dead is celebrated in Méjico to remember family. We don’t grieve, we celebrate life. We celebrate remembrances of our departed ones, gathering to laugh and eat and sing. For three days Méjico celebrates. Viva Méjico! Viva Honduras!!

A Creative Effort

The response explosive, like putting a match to a firecracker, the children’s’ unanimous response confirmed the planning and staging of a Nativity play. I want to be the donkey! yelled out 11-year-old Milthon. After mass on Sunday, taking lunch during the Wonder Woman movie’s intermission, I introduced the subject. I, of course, will be the Director of our presentation. Yet, my main participation will be to channel and form the children’s native talents into a joint creative effort. They sing beautifully. Sister Edith plays guitar for the mass and also has a nice voice. A seamstress has volunteered to sew costumes, I have a carpenter friend for the stage constructions, a computer tech for the speakers and sound. I am so looking forward to this collaborative holiday spectacle. God bless the children.