Coronavirus Vaccine

On 20 October 2020, Honduras had 96,150 positive cases of covid-19 and 2,661 deaths. The country’s population is 8 million. Today, 5 months later, the positive cases number 177,832 and deaths 4,196. The virus continues to live among us and will probably cling to the population for years. People become complacent, many do not use masks, others will snap at you if you ask them to maintain a safe distance. One cannot cure stupidity. Honduras last week announced the purchase of 5,000,000 doses of the Russian Sputnik 5 vaccine. The vaccine is one of the most effective worldwide. I hope to receive the vaccine as soon as it becomes available.

Sister Edith Suazo Fernandez RIP 15 February 2020

Last year my world turned upside down. On January 7th I returned to Honduras after a month in the States undergoing surgery. February 15th my friend, mentor, and work colleague died at the age of 47. Within that period of time the covid-19 virus birthed and commenced its attempt to destroy the planet’s human population. The virus and several variants continue their destructive behavior. The immediate results at Sister Edith’s Foundation for at-risk children were catastrophic. The children were dispersed by the government agency that had done their nefarious best to destroy Sister Edith’s work, the covid virus assisting their devious goal. The shoddy management of the foundation for the entire year 2020 brought us to an illegitimate election installing a governing board with opportunistic people whom Sister Edith had fended off for years. The foundation building remains shuttered and the covid virus continues its reign. April 1st I move to a new home. Te extraño demasiado, hermana.

Complacency Ends In Tragedy

Rather than improving, the pandemic remains on an upward course worldwide. More lethal covid variants are multiplying as their evolution consumes more and more of the planet´s human population. Here in Honduras one would think the danger of contamination is past. Many folks wear no mask, they crowd in line, they ignore basic precautions. I remain home as much as possible. Yet one must purchase provisions and basic necessities. My outings are skeletal in nature. Avoiding crowds and choosing times of day and days of the week less dangerous are paramount. I will be traveling to La Ceiba in 2 weeks, my car stocked with disenfectant wipes and bottles of gel and spray to create as much as possible a protective bubble everywhere I go. It is still scary.

Felizes Fiestas 2020

All good things must come to an end. Subsequent to weeks of political intrigue that flushed out craven manipulation and opportunity that included individuals who I thought were friends, the Foundation’s Home for At Risk children has fallen into the hands of an unscrupulous cabal of persons long detested by Sister Edith. My own involvement with the Fundación Señor San José has come to an end after 12 years. I leave with many happy memories and hundreds of photos, many in the body of this web page recorded for posterity over several years. I, of course, continue to maintain contact with my former students. We have agreed to maintain Sister Edith’s legacy as best we can. I will continue to comment and observe and write to this post. God bless.

St. Joseph Children’s Home Elections

Yesterday was the final official meeting of the outgoing Board of Directers and Presidency of the Fundación Señor San José. The election will be December 13, 2020. The governing body has been under multiple threats from different agencies, govenmental, and private philanthropic evangelical groups. The building vacant at present, their ultimate goal is the takeover of Sister Edith’s legacy for their own nefarious purposes. The Foundation Children’s Home is a jewel in the governing hands of the new president and new board of directors: and it is a private foundation. I have thrown my hat in the ring and if elected I will do everything possible to create a children’s paradise dedicated to benefit the local community.

Día De Los Muertos

Or, happy hale mel weenie as my late father used say with a wry smile. He was a devil, he was. Honduras’ covid 19 death toll to date: 2,661. Infections: 96,150. Folks are becoming more aware that our world has changed permanently. If one does not change their ways, they become part of the death toll statistic. Including lamentably those with whom they are in closest contact. Change will also be occuring at the Fundación Señor San José, the former home of children under Sister Edith’s care. Devoid of children at present it will be reborn January 2021 with new governance yet still dedicated to the children of La Paz. The Home is Sister Edith’s legacy. Her mission is my mission. I intend to insure its success.

Life Goes On

Honduras Covid-19 statistics for today: Positive cases 81,672. Deaths 2,477. Compared to the shit-hole US of Northamerica, the Honduran government has provided food to its people, medical screening, and treatment. The quarantine is still applicable but there is some loosening of restrictions allowing for increased citizen movement. Taxi and bus service has been renewed, critical for a third-world country. Commerce is increasing. New construction is visible everywhere, especially at our new international airport 15 minutes from where I live. I recently drove to La Ceiba on the Caribbean coast for maintenance to my Honda hybrid. There will be new elections at the Childrens Home in January 2021. The president and entire governing executive board will be replaced. With God’s help a vaccine may be available next year. My Whatsapp number is: 504 9852 3641.

Independence Day!

The murdering Spanish invaders stormed into what is today the Republic of Honduras in 1524: one year after the conquest of Méjico. It took two years for the thugs to conquer and enslave Méjico, the beginning of the end of indigenous America. In 1821 the Honduran people kicked out by force the racist parasites after 300 years of oppressive subjugation. Today the liberation is celebrated in subdued fashion mandated by a different kind of invasion. The covid virus biological invasion has to date infected 68,620 and killed 2,087. The country has been under quarantine for 6 months, the end is nowhere in sight. Here in La Paz, at the childrenless Children’s Home where I currently reside, we will soon have a new governing board. The board’s president has resigned and new leadership will be installed. We aim to re-establish Sister Edith’s mission dedicated to the community’s children.


Yesterday was the last day of my own personal quarantine, two weeks after an exposure to a group of fools who arrived at the Home ostensibly to clean the premises. They did nothing. They followed no precautionary measures to prevent Covid infection but the use of a mask. It was a political stunt authorized by two members of the executive board after I refused to allow them entrance. I became symptomatic two days after and called my doctor friend who prescribed certain meds. I also notified the foundation’s president who is a leader in name only and told her the contamination invasion was against the law. Other friends and myself are organizing to legally eliminate the current board alleging malfeasance. I am symptom free at present. The country’s covid stats today: 57,669 positive, 1803 dead.

Idiot Bureaucracy

It is heartbreaking to learn of the children who have fallen through the cracks. Finishing up an English class with a student after our gardening work at the Home, the mother of one previous 16-year-old student resident approached us in the park. She complained that her daughter was out of control. Under psychiatric care when the Home was still functional, she had not had any of her daily meds nor seen a doctor in months. Thanks to the agency idiots who mismanage the lives of at-risk children. I am helpless to intervene. The country´s covid stats: 45,755 positive cases, 1,446 covid deaths. The quarantine continues. The stats continue to rise.