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San Miguel, El Salvador

San Miguel, El Salvador 20 May 2015 013San Miguel, El Salvador 20 May 2015 008San Miguel, El Salvador 20 May 2015 012My entry into El Salvador Sunday was not without problems. Again the Salvadoran customs folks told me I had to leave the region before I could enter the country. But I went to Nicaragua like you told me last week. Here, it says 90 days visa extension reentering Honduras – I said. That’s only good for Honduras – he said. To enter El Salvador you must travel to Costa Rica, Belize, México or out of Central America – he continued. I was allowed to enter the country only because my passport was stamped one month ago by Immigration in Tegus. You have until 22 May – he said. What a confusing bunch of crap! I drove to San Miguel, got my car serviced, and returned home on the 21st.