Monthly Archives: April 2015

40 degrees C/104 degrees F

40C-104F 18 Abril 15 02440C-104F 18 Abril 15 02540C-104F 18 Abril 15 022 Man, it has been so hot the past week we were all craving a trip to the river. Some parts of the country have been at 104 degrees. It’s going to get worse. Honduras is closer to the equator and will heat up much more than the US, although the planet’s climate warming will worsen there also. The world’s glaciers are melting and nobody cares. I made an offer on a piece of land a couple of days ago where I intend to sink a well and build an underground house with solar panels on the roof and plant greenery all around, especially food. Next weekend I travel to El Salvador to have my Honda Hybrid serviced. When I return in a week I hope my permanent residency status has been settled. I’m still smiling.



Selfies 12 April 2015 001Selfies 12 April 2015 007Selfies 12 April 2015 004┬áThis is my first selfie. My neck isn’t really that fat. I spoke with my friend’s cousin who works in the Honduras Immigration Department and she tells me my permanent residency status will be approved this week. We’ll see if I’m still smiling next week. Nonetheless I remain busy with the following projects: I. I have been transporting the children to an ophthalmology clinic in Comayagua a few at a time to establish a base in the kids’ individual medical records. Half a dozen have required glasses. II. My efforts at establishing an archaeological presence at the El Chircal pyramids continue with history classes at a local bilingual school. III. Learning that the country’s Honda dealership will not service my hybrid Honda I must travel to El Salvador for basic maintenance. IV. Next month I will be traveling to the Caribbean coast to visit my goddaughter who started colegio this year. V. Writing my memoir continues at a slow pace but I remain motivated.