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Pre-Easter 2015

Semana Santa Children Invites 27 Mar 15 001Semana Santa Children Invites 27 Mar 15 002Twenty of the 43 children enrolled in a local preschool program in La Paz were invited to splash in the Hogar San José’s wading pool today by Sister Edith for Semana Santa. I was unable to get pics of them in the pool because I went home and took a brief nap and returned after the chidren had eaten lunch, had tired of the pool and wanted to return home. Oh, well. Happy Easter everyone!

Semana Santa Children Invites 27 Mar 15 003

Passport Saga Continues

I learned yesterday that there was something very wrong with my application for permanent Honduran residency. A compañero of mine, whose nephew is in charge of the passport section at the Tegucigalpa Immigration Department, and I went there to inquire about a legal procedure submitted by my attorney that in May will be three years without resolution. Your file is “asleep” my friend’s nephew said after making a phone call, due to an absent local police clearance. But it was submitted with the initial request, I said. They expire after six months I was told. It appears my file has been “asleep”, along with my initiating attorney, for much longer than a year. The day was spent resubmitting a police clearance request and consulting with new attorneys for a submission of new reactivating documents to the proper governmental agency: the Dirección General de Migración Y Extranjería next Monday upon receipt of the local police clearance. We’ll see what happens next week.

Miravalle – El Chircal

Miravalle-El Chircal 4 Marzo 2015 002Miravalle-El Chircal 4 Marzo 2015 003Miravalle-El Chircal 4 Marzo 2015 004Miravalle-El Chircal 4 Marzo 2015 008Miravalle-El Chircal 4 Marzo 2015 009Miravalle-El Chircal 4 Marzo 2015 005

I met the vigilante of the El Chircal ruinas at his home in Miravalle, an aldea situated on the zona arqueológica grounds proper a couple of miles off the main highway into La Paz. The village was founded in 1977 and is now a patronato of the Municipalidad de La Paz, the capital city of the Departamento of La Paz. Miravalle has a population of approximately 700 people and is situated on top of a complex of ancient monticulos, mounds under which lie buried unknown archaeological treasures that date back 6,000 years. The bottom left picture shows the backside of El Cerrito de David, the tallest monticulo at 25 meters high. The schematic drawing at bottom right details archaeological data and structures at the site located by a university team of US archaeologists in the 1980s. The aldea of Miravalle would be located on the upper left hand corner. And in fact the village men were hired to excavate the terrain for the academics. My meetings with the gentleman vigilante are just beginning. He is a fountain of memories and provided me with much information to study.