Monthly Archives: June 2015

La Ceiba ‘n Yelsi

As I drove into La Ceiba it started raining. It is after all the hurricane season and it rains almost every day along the Caribbean North Coast of Honduras and the Bay Islands. The computer I brought Yelsy as a gift for her passage to colegio lay safe and dry in the car’s trunk. Being a tropical rain the coastal temperature is also hot. I settled into my friend Dr.L’s house that she lends me when I am in La Ceiba and made plans for my four days in the area and La Masica where I would pick up my friend Profe S to accompany Yelsi and Yisel and me to the aquapark. After La Ceiba I will spend four days R&R in Tela, my favorite seaside community, in my hotel on the beach. I will post pics later because I forgot my camera USB transfer connection. Curses.

Bureaucracy Ad Infinitum

On June 2nd my new attorney and I submitted again the documents required for my permanent residency status in Honduras. The first submission was in May 2012, three years ago, by an attorney who defrauded me. I’m not through with her yet. The Honduran bureaucracy is not much different than the US bureaucracy. Delay, obfuscation and misinformation seem to be the rule. In the US case I am still waiting for a final decision concerning compensation for my right elbow fracture I sustained while in Peace Corps service, four and a half years ago.