Monthly Archives: July 2015

Rock Art

Rock Art 29 July 2015 001 Rock Art 29 July 2015 002 Rock Art 29 July 2015 003The children have learned to create art from the river rocks we collect when we go swimming at the nearby Río Humuya. Their goal is to sell as much as possible if they can develop a market for their work. They are just beginning and their creations are a little rough but with practice they have the potential to produce some real works of homespun art. Sister Edith has purchased the materials and is encouraging them to be creative. I keep telling them that they are all truly talented. It is such a pleasure to see the kids so happy.

Night of the Iguana

Iguana Julio 2015 002Iguana Julio 2015 008Iguana Julio 2015 005

I don’t really know if Iggy or his little buddy visit nights. But they do show up some afternoons when I’m working on my computer. I once ate iguana and turtle soup a very poor family on the North Coast offered me for lunch. They had no money and prepared what they caught in the wild. It was very tasty. Kinda bony, but tasty. Like chicken.

Cuatro de Julio 2015

La Ceiba n Tela - Yelsi 27 Junio 15 002La Ceiba n Tela - Yelsi 27 Junio 15 003La Ceiba n Tela - Yelsi 27 Junio 15 005La Ceiba n Tela - Yelsi 27 Junio 15 013La Ceiba n Tela - Yelsi 27 Junio 15 016La Ceiba n Tela - Yelsi 27 Junio 15 021

Fourth of July last year I drove my Honda Hybrid into my garage in La Paz; fresh off the boat from the US. Last week I spent four days in La Ceiba and its environs delivering to my goddaughter Yelsi a computer and taking her and Yisel swimming. Yelsi really likes her new computer. Then I spent four days R&R at my favorite seaside hotel in Tela: Cesar Mariscos Hotel. Check out the rooftop swimming pool overlooking the Caribbean beach. I’m back in La Paz as I write this post on Saturday the Fourth of July 2015. Monday I begin to confront the Honduran bureaucracy again concerning my permanent residency document.