Daily Archives: 28. November 2013

Día de Acción de Gracias Quinto 2013

Yup, that is what Thanksgiving Day is called in Spanish: our annual year number 5 since I have been living in Honduras. I’m still here; battered and bruised, but here. The inauguration of our new building for the Fundación Señor San José has been postponed until early next year due to construction delays and fine tuning. Saturday the Hogar will hold its annual T-day celebration at the old place like always, much more comfortable these days BTW. My friend and former Peace Corps Volunteer like me, John Jordan, now employed by USAID in Tegucigalpa will be here with friends. And there will be Turkey with all the trimmings, as my late mother used to say at our family gatherings. May Gaea and the higher power each of you believe in open your heart to those more unfortunate than yourselves; to bless our military folk far from home; and to especially think of and help those needlessly suffering through no fault of their own. Life is short, appreciate it and treasure it while you’re here. You have but one chance to make it right.