Daily Archives: 2. November 2013

Shit Happens

Today, November 1st, I drove to La Masica to visit with my former contraparte, my counterpart from my posting there in 2009, the directora of the Ramon Rosa Elementary School. As we moved to leave for lunch I walked over to open the 300 kilo metal gate for her; after she drove through and I tried to close the gate the whole thing collapsed off its rollers onto my left ankle and foot. Pinned underneath, I yelled for help, the campus empty because all the school-kids had gone to a science fair. Oblivious to my peril, my friend had driven her car down the block to her mother’s house. A BIG ouch! Two young guys ran to me from across the street and lifted the heavy porton off my leg. Tonight I sit in my hotel room with an ace wrap on my swelling ankle and elevated on a pillow barely able to walk. There’s no ice here and I can’t go get any. More later….