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Navidad 2013 Old and New Homes

Navidad 2013 y construcción predio nuevo 002Navidad 2013 y construcción predio nuevo 008Navidad 2013 y construcción predio nuevo 011Navidad 2013 y construcción predio nuevo 014Navidad 2013 y construcción predio nuevo 012Navidad 2013 y construcción predio nuevo 017

The difference between this year’s Navidad holiday and next year’s-to-be seems like it will be similar to stepping from one world into another. Each of the children this year received a gift, which they will next year as well. In terms of quantity of good nutritious food to eat everyone glowed, as they will next year. In terms of love and joy experienced, next year will be a continuance of our existence and future. In short, our spiritual happiness knows no boundaries. We are the Hogar San José!

Nearing The End 15 diciembre 2013

Construcción Pavimiento 14 diciembre 2013 005Construcción Pavimiento 14 diciembre 2013 002Construcción Pavimiento 14 diciembre 2013 003Construcción Pavimiento 14 diciembre 2013 006Construcción Pavimiento 14 diciembre 2013 007Construcción Pavimiento 14 diciembre 2013 001

Gheckos are endemic to Honduras and probably to most tropical countries. These little guys hang around my window screen every night and eat the bugs attracted to the light while I work on my computer. The many bugs are also endemic to La Paz. The gheckos visit every night because they live in the building’s infrastructure. These two just fought over a bug and are staring each other down. As little as they are they can get quite ferocious, especially when fighting over a female.

Christmas Pig

Christmas pig 8 december 2013 006Christmas pig 8 december 2013 008Christmas pig 8 december 2013 013Christmas pig 8 december 2013 019Christmas pig 8 december 2013 031Christmas pig 8 december 2013 042

In Hispanic America, which includes the entire Western Hemisphere, killing the christmas pig is a family affair. We will be enjoying tamales and chicharrones and pork meat aplenty this year around a roaring fire, laughter, camaraderie and love. So many pleasant memories from my own California childhood transferred to my Honduran family. I am grateful.


 Tata Madiba has died.

“Only once in every century, you’ll see a man like Nelson Mandela who can actually change the world.”

Dominique Macquet

Chef and owner of Dominique’s on Magazine, who served Tata his first meal following Tata’s release after 27 years as a political prisoner of the criminal racist apartheid South African regime.

Deysi Milagro Clausura 1 Diciembre 2013

Deysi Milagro Clausura Dec 1, 2013 005Deysi Milagro Clausura Dec 1, 2013 011Deysi Milagro Clausura Dec 1, 2013 007Deysi Milagro Clausura Dec 1, 2013 014Deysi Milagro Clausura Dec 1, 2013 001 I am so proud of Deysi Milagro. I am her godfather and she asked me to stand by her side at her graduation from primary school. She will be entering the Instituto Lorenzo Cervantes next school year to begin 6 years of secondary studies and is our brightest student at the Hogar San José earning a 93% grade point average. She and one other 12-year-old who just passed into the 6th grade are my brightest English class students. Writing this brings tears to my eyes after having helped and encouraged these abandoned and rejected and abused youngsters who live at the Hogar seeing them swell with pride, confidence and positive self esteem, watching them excel utilizing their own native intelligence having realized that they are indeed capable of reaching for the stars.