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Deysi Milagro Clausura 1 Diciembre 2013

Deysi Milagro Clausura Dec 1, 2013 005Deysi Milagro Clausura Dec 1, 2013 011Deysi Milagro Clausura Dec 1, 2013 007Deysi Milagro Clausura Dec 1, 2013 014Deysi Milagro Clausura Dec 1, 2013 001 I am so proud of Deysi Milagro. I am her godfather and she asked me to stand by her side at her graduation from primary school. She will be entering the Instituto Lorenzo Cervantes next school year to begin 6 years of secondary studies and is our brightest student at the Hogar San José earning a 93% grade point average. She and one other 12-year-old who just passed into the 6th grade are my brightest English class students. Writing this brings tears to my eyes after having helped and encouraged these abandoned and rejected and abused youngsters who live at the Hogar seeing them swell with pride, confidence and positive self esteem, watching them excel utilizing their own native intelligence having realized that they are indeed capable of reaching for the stars.