Feliz Navidad 2012


The children of the Hogar San José love Christmas, as do children from all over the world where the holiday is celebrated. Good food, plenty of Sister Edith´s relatives, lots of kids, friends, and gifts were the rule of the day. We are especially grateful for gifts from Marcella Lobo of Tegucigalpa, Sgt Tamatha Perkins and her family from the Palmerola Military installation, computer geek Paula Porter also at Palmerola, my friend Jana Haney from Seattle, the Allison and Michael Scott family from Texas and all those local folk who contributed so much sumptuous food for the gathering of children and adults as well as those who helped with food preparation. Also on my mind today is my own multitudinous family back in the States with whom I will soon be reunited, and not to be forgotten, my Peace Corps friends who have in past years celebrated these holiday celebrations at the Hogar with us and those with whom I have a special bond as fellow world travelers. Siempre en la lucha! Feliz Navidad a todos!

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