Daily Archives: 30. August 2010

New Neighbor


An old decrepit wooden building somewhat like a small horse stable occupied the site.  Around the first of the year I watched as workmen began tearing down the eyesore to begin the reconstruction.  Blue-collar workers in this country do not often have access to the expensive machinery so prevalent on U.S. building projects.  But they are hard workers and use effective simple methods to achieve their goals.  Over the course of the year I have watched them arrive every day, six days a week, and work in the hot sun and in the rain as the new business began to take shape.  They transformed what was once a shabby niche into a modern commercial center selling new clothing, footware, luggage, kitchen and home appliances and much more.  And it’s all right across the narrow pre-motor-vehicle road from where I live.  The grand opening was this past weekend with blaring music and crowds filling the street.  Of course I failed to take any pics of the festivities.  But I feel I have a good reason for my absentmindedness.  We Honduras Peace Corps folk received a new transfer from Guatemala who extended for another year and she has been shadowing me since Friday as I show her around the city.  She will be assigned to Marcala, another beautiful mountain city about an hour-and-a-half from La Paz.