Daily Archives: 23. August 2010



Last Friday morning my three colleagues, two nurses and a social worker and I loaded onto a bus to join 50 La Paz supporters for a trip to the beautiful mountain city of Sigua (Siguatepeque) about an hour-and-a-half away where we became part of a group of hundreds of additional participants who had also traveled there from several communities from the departamentos of La Paz and Comayagua where we joined together for a common cause.  Our respective Comites Interinstitutional Ante VIH/SIDA marched into downtown to the central park to hold our rally meant to focus attention on the scourge of HIV/AIDS that is ravaging populations worldwide and that was broadcast on local television to an even wider audience.  We are planning intense outreach educational forums to many smaller communities every month and will climax our efforts with a widespread national campaign on December 1st, the worldwide National HIV/AIDS Awareness Day.  Yes, that’s Michael Jackson above who decided to join the entertainment portion of the day.