Daily Archives: 6. August 2010

Go Tell It On The Mountain


I hate getting up at 5 A.M.  But there I went, past the two donkeys munching in the middle of the boulevard as I made my way to the Instituto Lorenzo Cervantes for supervisory visits into the surrounding mountains.  Lorenzo, as it’s commonly called, is the local public secondary school and has four Bachillerato programs: Computer Information, Science, Business and Community Health.  I work in the Health program with my counterpart Licenciada A, who is both a teacher in the program and a supervising nurse at the hospital and with Dr. B who heads the program and is a physician at the hospital.  Over two days we visited the municipios of San Jose, Planes, Tutule, Santa Maria and Marcala where the 3rd year Health students are required to live for three months and work in the Community Health Clinics learning how the clinics function, giving health classes, as well as planning and developing a community health project that will benefit the populace.  Next Monday we visit San Juan for our final supervisory visit for August and will return in September and October to see how the students complied with our suggestions to improve their written documentation and planning.  I love this job.