Daily Archives: 28. April 2009

Semana 6 en La Paz


Sorry, I get carried away taking pictures.  La Paz is, of course, not all adobe buildings.  It is a modern small city with all the amenities.  But there are several adobe walls and buildings that have charm.  The building on the top right is located two doors down from the internet site I use frequently.  People live there; it has a spacious back yard.  My daughter Andrea wanted me to say a few words for Shari, an RN friend of hers who lives in Pennsyvania.  A few words about being an RN in the Peace Corps.  Well, one can´t practice as an RN.  We´re taken on as Health Educators.  Our forte is our experience in the health care field.  It helps if one has case manager experience in public health and with chemical dependent clientele as well as HIV/AIDS.  And especially Maternal and Child Health.  The training is very intense and geared toward facilitating sustainable development skills in the local populace.  One must also attain a certain level of Spanish language technical expertise.  Please log on to ask specific questions.