Daily Archives: 20. April 2009

Caballos Week 5 en La Paz


I went horseback riding Sunday with an old gentleman, don Ruben, I met who lives a few doors down from my host family.   That´s him riding his donkey as we rode to the ancient ruin site that predates the Maya Empire.  You can see the unexcavated hill in the distance over the lagoon (click on the pic) where we rode to the top to take photos.  We rode through a cow herd grazing near a water sewage treatment lagoon where no vehicular traffic is allowed.  Very little excavation has been done here at these ruins.  The photos above are from the tops of one partially excavated hill and one unexcavated hill.  The tree I´m standing in front of is a cactus (nopal) tree.  There was one larger than this one as we rode up the hill.  The hill on the lower left is the hill where we rode up to the top, it´s directly across from the partially excavated ruins.  I have never seen nopales this large.  I love my horse.  His name is Sarco, he has one blue eye and one brown eye.  After this week we have two more weeks inLa Paz.  I asked to be assigned here, but they will probably ignore my request.