Daily Archives: 6. April 2009

Week 3 in La Paz

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A word about my new home in La Paz.  The pic on the bottom is looking toward the three guest rooms, the three wrought iron windows are visible for each room.  In the first room lives a high school student of 16, I´m in the middle and a 24 year old female doctor doing her two year social service requirement is in the last one at the end of the corrider.  The first picture on the right is the pila where water is stored.  We only have running water 2 or 3 days out of the week and only for 2 or 3 hours at a time.  The rest of the time we draw water from the pila for bathing and toileting.  The second picture from the right is where my room is located right next to the bathroom.  The third picture is where the doctor´s room is located (she has her own bathroom) and the yard where the furry guys, Campion and Kafu, roam in their own enclosure.  The last picture on the left is where the bathroom is located.  Our lesson  for today is: how to take a bucket bath.  First you fill the second largest bucket (at 5 in the morning) about 5 times to fill the largest bucket.  Then you use the littlest paila to pour over your head to wash your hair.  Sorry no hot water.  After you wash your hair you lather your whole body with a soap filled sponge then continue pouring water over your body with the little bucket until clean.  I do this every morning.  Today is Monday.  This week is Semana Santa, Easter week and a BIG deal in Honduras.  We aspirantes will have a 4 day weekend, sigh.  More time to finish homework.  I will attend the Semana Santa procession Friday with my host mother and take pictures.