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Fortunato Velasquez received his Registered Nurse's license from the State of California during the month that Neil Armstrong walked on the moon.

Jaguars And Shells

On the Caribbean littoral, a narrow coastal plain with rich fertile soil, grow vast banana plantations, along with thousands of acres of pineapple, palm oil and coconut trees that flourish along with a wide variety of food crops. Inland, immediately adjacent to communities dependent on this verdant wealth rises a steep tropical mountain chain covered with thick forest and jungle growth. It is the home of jaguars, a threatened species. This unfortunate beautiful creature was killed near the river resort weeks before where my goddaughter’s quinceaniera was held last October. It had taken a liking to domestic food sources. After my Honda Hybrid’s 6-month maintenance service I spent the week visiting friends and just relaxing in paradise. The shell I bought for my lady friend in La Paz with whom I will spend the Semana Santa Easter holiday.

Palmerola Airport

Last month the bulldozers started moving earth and reshaping the landscape at the Palmerola site selected for the country’s new international airport. A site where both the Honduran Air Force trains its flight cadets and the US military maintains a presence. Visible from the front porch of my new home at night the Comayagua Valley floor reflects a long string of city and highway lights flanking the present airplane landing runway, a beautiful view indeed. Once the new airport is operational I will be able to board international flights 20 minutes from where I live. Quite nice indeed.

New Home Valentines Day 2017

On the second day I was ready to throw in the towel. Besides the cost, painting the interior of a house is hard work. But better to paint it before you move in rather than afterward. My friend kept urging me on; for three weeks we toiled. Moving all my stuff took another four days. All the backbreaking suffering, however, was worth it. A totally purple house inside and outside does not induce creativity. On this Valentines Day I am taking my time rearranging and discarding. There’s no hurry. As a consolation prize I have booked hotels in La Ceiba and Tela to lounge on the Caribbean beaches for a week. I leave March 9th, a much happier man.

San Sebastian 2017

She died holding the dinner plate in her hand when she answered a knock at the door. The cowards fired seventeen bullets into her body then jumped onto their moto for a clean escape. The sub-directora of a high school in Comayagua, preparing to move into a new house with her four children, had been assassinated in cold blood the night before: that was the news on everyone’s lips as we arrived in San Sebastian for my friend’s grandmother’s birthday. It was also Feria Week and a three-day holiday, featuring a bullfight, had attracted thousands. Carnival rides, fireworks and food stands stood crowded by happy, hungry clients. A nonstop party prepared to unfold.

Back Home

On February 1st I will be moving into a new home. Days recently spent personally painting every room is a reminder of not enough exercise: move those muscles, more veggies and fruit. That’s what my VA doc says. Will do. After painting I still have to pack up and move all my shit.

¡Feliz y Próspero Año Nuevo!


I have been living in Honduras for the entire 8 years of President Obama’s term. Today is the last day of 2016 and I am going to miss our gracious President. After the criminal, racist orangutan was elected to the presidency last month I may never return to the States to live again. Above I include one last snow picture before focusing on my return to the tropics: 80°F when my plane landed in Tegucigalpa. The Children’s Home has a modern kitchen but most Honduran families prefer to cook over an open fire. And of course we devoured a delicious meal of roast turkey and leg of pork on Christmas Eve. The next day after Sunday Mass, lo and behold there were gifts for everyone under the tree when the children returned home.

Home Soon

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My visit to Seattle has been one of cementing family bonds. Much good company and loads of good food was mixed with laughter and tear-jerker reminiscences. Nonetheless I am homesick for the warmth of my life in La Paz and for the tropical climate. It seems that I am no longer acclimated to the co-old here in the Pacific Northwest. Friends await my return home next Friday: my heart swells knowing that I am surrounded by family and friends.

Yelsy Quinceañera


My goddaughter Yelsy turned 15 years old on the 25th of October. I drove to La Ceiba on the North Coast to help make her birthday a special one. Thanks to friends and family it was a great day for a beautiful young lady who wants to attend university. Another seed planted, another flower blooms.

Comunión Jerusalén


My friend Celeste taught and ushered our catechism class’s four children from the Barrio Jerusalén into the sacrament of the First Communion at the Iglesia de Espiritu Santo. My gift to each of them will be the 40 photographs I took commemorating the event recorded onto a CD so that in the years to come they can pop the CD into the DVD player and the children can see themselves on the day they were accepted into the ancient traditions of the church. The same traditions I entered into so many years ago and which I have never forgotten. The sacrament of Confirmation is the next step. I will be there. To my late Mom, thank you. I owe you. Every week when I walk into church for mass I know you are at my side: Te amo.