Monthly Archives: May 2022

A Sick Country of Death

Killing children in school has become a way of life in the US of Northamerica. The political leadership is useless, led by ignorant, hypocritical, psychopathic accessories to the murder of its own citizens. The children. My God. Have those in charge no compassion? No sense of protecting the lives of children who are gunned down almost as a sport of wanton massacre? My heart bleeds for the innocent. The naive, trusting children who think they are in a safe place to learn and be with friends. Then to be obscenely destroyed as if their lives had no meaning. Wiped from the face of the earth, while the satanic politicians absently toss them a few meaningless prayers to outright murder and go on with their pathetic lives. 19 children and two teachers in a Uvalde elementary school. Dead. Gone. Disappeared. I cannot understand such brutality. My heart bleeds. How many more must die?