Monthly Archives: April 2022

Long Time No See

The month of March in Seattle and the Puget Sound area was a refreshing family vacation mixed with medical appointments at the VA Hospital Medical Center. My first visit back to the States in over two years. Since January 7, 2020, to be exact. I had my gall bladder removed on December 31, 2019. New Year’s Eve. What a way to begin the New Year. The Covid pandemic struck Central America with the same vehemence as the rest of the world. I did not feel comfortable boarding an airplane. Until I decided the time was right and I booked a first-class ticket in the first seat near the entry door. The first one on, the first one off the plane. I remain convinced that the US of Northamerica is a mean, racist hellhole filled with ignorant people who will never change. After a month, it is good to be home.