Monthly Archives: October 2022

Life Is Too Short

Yes, I understand we all have an expiration date. After I returned from my trip to Seattle in March, I made arrangements to return in 6 months because the time ran out for the required repeat liver MRI. I thus tried to make an appt for September but was cursed by bureaucratic incompetence. Following monthly attempts I finally was given a date only because my MD intervened. I programmed the return trip to the VA Hosp for a 2-week stay. The MRI was scheduled for a Friday on the date my flight returned to Honduras. I was forced to contact United Air to extend my departure for Saturday. It cost me more than $500. On Monday my doc called me in Honduras and said the MRI was abnormal and I had to return ASAP for possible chemotherapy. I return to Seattle VA Hospital Thursday November 3rd for a possible 6 month course of treatment. Such is life.