Daily Archives: 17. February 2018

Movin’ Right Along

The residents at the St. Joseph Home for at-risk children have physically healed from their accident injuries. The psychological trauma however remains. We have on staff an excellent child psychologist who does quite well with the kids and they all like her; an important milestone. My bout with the flu is almost over, after 4 weeks. The virus picked an inopportune time to attack me, my having to move my belongings to a new home. I made one trip a day across town in my Honda hybrid moving slowly to conserve energy. On Sundays, after church, the oldest children helped move the big stuff in my¬†old Chevy pickup. Next Sunday we’ll finish moving an armoire and a large filing cabinet and then we’re headed for the nearby Rio Humuya to relax in the water. I will be in my new home by March 1st. Yahoo!