Monthly Archives: January 2018

Celia Returns Home

Celia and Sister Edith returned home yesterday, 23 January 2018, after 18 days in the hospital in Tegucigalpa following surgery for Celia’s fractured mandible. They were both welcomed with open arms and lots of hugs and good wishes. One other child remains in a long leg cast for a leg fracture. One adult will be seen tomorrow for a repeat ultrasound to check the status of a bruised ovary sustained in the accident. Apart from the emotional trauma, all other injuries have healed and life will gradually return to normal. We give thanks for having survived a more severe outcome.


Email to our friends in TexasHola, Allison, the plastic surgeon in Tegus wants to let the swelling go down before he works on Celia’s fractured mandible. Sister Edith or one of her family is at Celia’s side at all times. Celia is never alone. Sister Edith sent me a photo of Celia with Sister Edith feeding her jello. She may have sent you one as well. All the children have been stabilized. A pediatrician friend of mine is looking after the injured children at the Home daily. Another friend and I (I am an RN) are cleaning wounds daily, four have sutures, abrasions, and hematomas. Two children are using either a wheelchair or a walker. Celia is the last child who requires more intensive care but she is stable. One adult is still hospitalized in La Paz, one was discharged today. I communicate with Sister Edith twice a day while she is in Tegus. I will continue to keep you informed. Pictures of the wrecked minibus tomorrow. God bless you.