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A week from today my flight leaves for Honduras.  Some of you are probably aware that the Peace Corps mission has been temporarily closed because of narco-traficante related violence in the country.  I nonetheless will be returning to La Paz, a region which is one of the safest in the country.  That’s not to say that there isn’t crime there, there is, but it is not something that is so overt that folks feel in danger.  One must use common sense anywhere one travels.  There are, after all, areas of Seattle or any other large and small city in the US where one does not go, especially after dark.  So far, knock on wood, I have always felt safe in La Paz.  But even La Paz has had it’s dark moments, as has anywhere in the world.  My opinion is that the temporary suspension is Peace Corps’ determination to implement modifications in order to make the Peace Corps experience a safer one in Honduras.  Therefore I shall be on site once the proper adjustments have been made.  Meanwhile I will continue my work at the orphanage, at the hospital, and with the various projects with which I am involved in league with Honduran friends and colleagues.  My next posting will be from my home in La Paz, La Paz, Honduras.  The URL link below is a video of the historical chronology of the orphanage where I work in La Paz. Please feel free to offer comments and suggestions.  Gracias. 

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  1. Mark Ryan

    Greetings. I have enjoyed reading through your blog. The reason I write is that my daughter is considering joining a missions trip to La Paz this summer, accompanying a group that has traveled there several times. I naturally, am concerned about the dire security situation in Honduras. Nevertheless, I want to respect my 17 year old daughter’s ambitions, sense of adventure, and a heart to help people. I see in your post that La Paz is relatively free from the troubles, and am wondering whether you could shed some light on the security situation. Specifically, am wiondering where you fly into and the ground transport to La Paz. Is that a dangerous journey? Any answer would be most helpful. Thank you and best wishes.


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