Daily Archives: 21. November 2011

First Snow


Well, it appears I won’t have access to my outdoor study for a long while.  It’s too damn cold and when the snow starts flying in earnest it will be inaccessible.  That whole scene above will be under 2-3 feet of snow.  I communicate with Sor Edith every week or two back at the Hogar.  She and Glenn, my new site mate, keep me posted on what’s happening at the Hogar, and also the hospital and the community in general.  Each missive and phone conversation is a tableau of meaning filled with the actions of folks I know, the place where I want to be.  Thursday will be Thanksgiving Day; the Third Annual at the Hogar San Jose.  Glenn writes me that there will be 80 persons as guests this year.  Including the 17 kids who live there that’s still a lotta people.  Bigger than the previous two T-Days.  I’ll be there in spirit only.  But I will be in good hands, my daughter has a heart of gold and her family and home offer me a warmth and coseyness that takes me back to my youth sitting down to feast on turkey and all kinds of good stuff surrounded by relatives and laughter.  Everyone toasty and warm and happy inside.  Looking outside at the cold day, it enhances the feeling of comfort and family. 

Feliz Dia de Gracias, Everyone!