Feliz Navidad III!!!


Today, Christmas Eve, I took the two boxes of clothing donated by my daughter Andrea and her co-workers Pam Schorman and Jennie Lorenz who work at Seattle Genetics to the orphanage.  I arrived in the morning to give my usual twice a week English class to the three oldest children.  Afterward, while the nacatamales were cooking, I transplanted some tomato seedlings into the garden.  After all the children ate, we opened the two boxes of clothing.  Everyone received clean wearable items including one each for Sister Edith’s mom and dad and her twin sisters.  Tonight my host family is hosting a birthday/Christmas dinner for the husband of the house, Fredy, with the Cuban doctors as guests who are cooking a traditional Cuban dish called Congri.  As well as nacatamales, of course.  Tomorrow, Christmas Day, I will return to the orfanato in the evening to watch a Christmas movie with the kids.  I cannot express the feelings I have in my heart for having been welcomed into the bosom of these wonderful Honduran folk who have unconditionally accepted me into their lives.

3 thoughts on “Feliz Navidad III!!!

  1. Fortune

    Salmon, yummers. The second box hasn’t yet arrived, and I think I’m going to need a tutorial to be able to post more pics to the ‘Photos’ link. Hugs and kisses, Dad.

  2. Andrea Velasquez Kessler

    Awesome! Thank you for posting. Are there more pictures? The ones that you posted are just adorable! I’m so glad you were able to post so quickly!! I’m going to remind my friends at work to read about it. Did you get your vitamins and books out before you took the boxes to the orphanage? Guess what? I found some smoked salmon that I can finally send you. I will send it in January. Love, Andrea


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