Daily Archives: 23. December 2009

Feliz Navidad!


I was invited to a Christmas party last Saturday the 19th where a couple of dozen of my Honduran friends and I ate and danced and drank the night away.  And I forgot my camera!  From the bottom right corner in the pictures above can be seen how my host family goes all out to decorate their home for the holidays.  After I took these pics I walked over to another Christmas party that our hospital volunteer support group hosted Tuesday the 22nd at this really nice little restaurant right next door to an apartment where I will be moving on January 1st, 2010.  Finally, my own two-bedroom place to call home.  Tonight I go to another Christmas party at the Fundacion Senor San Jose to help distribute gifts brought by a Peace Corps friend of mine’s family from Vail, Colorado and tomorrow the 24th to yet another Christmas gathering at the orphanage to eat nacatamales and distribute gifts sent by my daughter Andrea and her co-workers Pam Schorman and Jennie Lorenz from Seattle Genetics in Bothell, Washington.  Bless all these wonderful persons for their generosity and goodness of heart.