Daily Archives: 13. September 2009

Partying With the Cuban Doctors


The above melange of pics is from two separate parties with a group of Cuban doctors.  After Hurricane Mitch devastated Honduras’ infrastructure in 1998 and caused tens of thousands of deaths, Cuba sent in teams of medical professionals to help with the rebuilding of the country.  Many are still there.  They are sent by their government for two years of volunteer service and earn far less than the pittance of a stipend that Peace Corps Volunteers earn.  In any event, 7 doctors assigned to aldeas around the La Paz municipio are friends of my host family and occasionally they gather for fun-filled get-togethers dedicated to good eating and dancing.  The first party occured my first weekend in town, and the second was last night (Saturday).  The pics above are 8 of 50.  My friend Taylor took most of them: also Caterin, the little dimpled pixie, a neighbor.  Dr. Ishmael, the gentleman concocting the beautiful tomato and veggie salad is a surgeon with more than 40 years experience.  He is so skilled that the U.S. Air Force surgeons attached to Palmerola Air Force Base nearby come to our La Paz hospital to learn from him.  Other specialties are Pediatrics, Plastic Surgery, Rheumatology, and General Practice.  All free, courtesy of the Cuban government.  In the morning I leave for the mountain aldeas accompanying a brigada from a U.S. university for a week.  A new health clinic is being opened in one of the aldeas.