Daily Archives: 9. September 2009

A Chicken Pen for the Kids’ Chickens


Sister Edith agreed with me that the first goal on the agenda should be the penning of the chickens in a secure enclosure.  The chickens running loose are everywhere and eat everything in sight – they ocassionally pick the tortillas from the youngest childrens’ hands when the kids are at table.  They also shit and lay eggs anywhere they want.  Who knows where they roost, as there is sure to be a pile of feces down below; if I wanted to find out.   Once the chickens are penned we can work on a garden to provide sustenance, and chicken products can be harvested, not to mention the improvement in hygiene.  The two middle pics in the second row show an expanse of corn the Sister planted before the chickens were donated.  Next to that is the site we have cleared to put our new chicken coop.  I am only able to work at the orfanato on Saturdays as I have started working at the local colegio giving classes and at the city hospital following up on malnourished children in the rural aldeas when they are released from their inpatient hospitalizations.  There is much work to be done.