Los Indios aldea


Two days before the earthquake our equipo of six from the La Masica Centro de Salud was at the aldea to provide Honduran support to a U.S medical evangelical brigada that provided two nurse practitioners, a small pharmacy, gifts, and a small U.S. support staff to screen patients who live far from any medical providers.  The brigada was in town for only a week and visited five different aldeas.  An aldea is a hamlet located far from populated areas, most with limited services.  The centro de salud in La Masica and the one in San Juan Pueblo can handle most of the chronic problems that presented, and with MDs, not FNPs, however a large number of persons showed up for the free medical care, free limited medications, and a gift for each member of the 50 chosen families whose size ranged from two to seven or so.  I originally started out as a translator but when the brigade found out I was an RN I was pressed into service doing triage and screening for the NPs who diagnosed and prescribed meds.  The photo on the left shows the triage building, next to that is a guy peeking into the small building where the NPs held court.  Most folk walked to the event, some rode horses.  The last pic on the right shows a newborn calf, still wet, walking by with its mother’s tiny herd.  Three small buildings constitute the center of this isolated rural community.

2 thoughts on “Los Indios aldea

  1. Heidi Winston

    Hello Fortune;

    I’ve enjoyed reading your adventure. I’m so glad to hear that you were safe in the earthquake and are ejoying the company you meet, both new friends and neighborhood animals.

    I’ll look forward to hearing more about your valuble service.

    Most kindly,

    Heidi Winston
    your former HealthPoint co-worker.

  2. Joseph Maina

    Hi Fortune;

    Enjoyed your latest blog (6/4).

    Should also mention that it caused me to pull out my Spanish Dictionary. Cannot claim knowledge of Spanish, but I’m learning!!! Can’t dig FNPs though. May be an acronym for some kind of Nurse Practioner.

    Like your pictures too.



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