Daily Archives: 19. June 2009

Boca Cerrada aldea


We didn’t make it all the way to the Boca Cerrada aldea.  Following the photos from the bottom right shows our embarcation point from an aldea called Tierra Firme, the jumping off point to Boca Cerrada.  We made our way down the estuary toward the sea and stopped at a large home where the alcalde and his regidores were having a cabilde abierto (La Masica’s mayor and city council were having an open council meeting.)  At which Jovenes sin Fronteras with myself in a supporting role were on the agenda.  After our presentation, four of us continued down the estuary to a wide spot in the water where we could reach the Caribbean Sea via a small hut that was lived in by several people, most of them children.  When we returned, our companeros were waiting for us and we loaded up for the return trip, my JSF colleagues Delia and Araceli and I posed for a photo before they loaded into the lancha with the waiting city council members.  On our trip in another lancha for us remaining we saw cranes, turtles, a manatee feeding at water’s edge and in the second-to-last picture a monkey barely visible near the bright spot on the right of the pic.  Click on the pic to see the black of its body.  The old dugout canoe in the final pic is something I would not set sail in, ever.