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Sister Edith Suazo Fernandez RIP 15 February 2020

Last year my world turned upside down. On January 7th I returned to Honduras after a month in the States undergoing surgery. February 15th my friend, mentor, and work colleague died at the age of 47. Within that period of time the covid-19 virus birthed and commenced its attempt to destroy the planet’s human population. The virus and several variants continue their destructive behavior. The immediate results at Sister Edith’s Foundation for at-risk children were catastrophic. The children were dispersed by the government agency that had done their nefarious best to destroy Sister Edith’s work, the covid virus assisting their devious goal. The shoddy management of the foundation for the entire year 2020 brought us to an illegitimate election installing a governing board with opportunistic people whom Sister Edith had fended off for years. The foundation building remains shuttered and the covid virus continues its reign. April 1st I move to a new home. Te extra├▒o demasiado, hermana.