Daily Archives: 10. November 2019

Paying Homage To A Bug

The Dengue docs referred me to an Internist after confirming that my platelet count wouldn’t rise to a level they considered normal and that my fasting blood sugar was elevated. After a thorough physical exam in his office, Dr. Torres ordered me to have done asap a total abdominal sonogram and a barrage of blood work. I returned the following week with the results. The sonogram confirmed a cirrhotic liver but the immediate problem were the gallstones and one large one lodged in the common bile duct. You need surgery right away, he told me. I am in the process of making arrangements for the cholecystectomy to be done at the Seattle Veterans Administration Hospital after consulting with my VA Primary Care provider. I’ll be flying to Seattle next week. Thank you Ms mosquito for the warning sign. I quit alcohol consumption 6 months ago.