Never underestimate the power of a bug. I woke at 11 PM with chills and fever and vomiting and excruciating pain in all my muscles. Even my eyes hurt. That was on September 11th. Thinking I was a macho man, after a couple of days in bed, I toughed it out. The symptoms eventually subsided. 3 weeks after that I had a relapse. Same symptoms. Same macho man attitude. Again I toughed it out. A couple of weeks later I had another relapse. Worse this time. I called my friend, a pediatric doctor and asked for help, I could barely get out of bed. Come to the Dengue Clinic: Now, she told me. I was hospitalized for 4 days. Discharged from the local hospital annex set up by the government to handle the epidemic overload, a week after discharge my body remains positive with the Dengue Fever antibody. It will take me longer to recuperate from the bug assault this time. I remain under the Dengue Clinic’s care.

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