I entered Mexico from Guatemala on May 5, 2019: Cinco de Mayo. 3,000 miles after I left La Paz, La Paz, Honduras, I arrived in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico on May 20th. On the other side of “La Linea” is Nogales, Arizona, USA. Today I arrived in Yuma, Arizona as I continue my journey to my daughter’s house in San Diego. It has been a journey of discovery. A journey with failures, and successes. Also fear. Fear after multiple vivid confrontations with death. I have been fortunate on this “bucket list” leap into the unknown. After San Diego, I journey north to Seattle where family await my arrival. I pray The Lord my soul to keep.

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    1. Fortunato Velasquez Post author

      Thank you, Lucas. My 3-month round trip from Honduras to the Canadian border ended August 3, 2019, back in La Paz. In September I was bitten by a Dengue-carrying mosquito and hospitalized for 4 days. In November I returned to Seattle on a medical emergency flight from Tegucigalpa with an infected gall bladder that was removed on December 31, 2019. Quite the year 2019.


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