Monthly Archives: October 2016

Yelsy Quinceañera


My goddaughter Yelsy turned 15 years old on the 25th of October. I drove to La Ceiba on the North Coast to help make her birthday a special one. Thanks to friends and family it was a great day for a beautiful young lady who wants to attend university. Another seed planted, another flower blooms.

Comunión Jerusalén


My friend Celeste taught and ushered our catechism class’s four children from the Barrio Jerusalén into the sacrament of the First Communion at the Iglesia de Espiritu Santo. My gift to each of them will be the 40 photographs I took commemorating the event recorded onto a CD so that in the years to come they can pop the CD into the DVD player and the children can see themselves on the day they were accepted into the ancient traditions of the church. The same traditions I entered into so many years ago and which I have never forgotten. The sacrament of Confirmation is the next step. I will be there. To my late Mom, thank you. I owe you. Every week when I walk into church for mass I know you are at my side: Te amo.