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To file a complaint against an attorney in Honduras one must submit a denuncia to the Colegio de Abogados. The lawyers college has a board, the Tribunal de Honor, that hears every denuncia petition alleging incompetence and fraud. A busito leaves Comayagua for The City Mall in Tegus located across the street ftom the international airport Toncontín every day on a regular schedule. Two blocks from the mall is the Colegio de Abogados building. I walked over at 9 AM and submitted my denuncia receiving a receipt from the law clerk. I took a couple of pics of the mall food court before I walked over but was chased out by a security person saying pics were not allowed in the mall. If this denuncia is successful I will publish the crooked lawyer’s name who defrauded me. Another big denuncia I have is against the murdering thief Columbus, to whom a holiday has been dedicated in the US. May he rot in hell for initiating the slaughter of the western hemisphere’s indigenous people, their enslavement and subsequent genocide.

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