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Jala Mel Weenie

Atitlan Julio 2012 005Antigua Julio 2012 003Belize July 2012 090Flores Julio 2012 013Shaman Tikal Agosto 2012Utila Enero 2013 090 Central America is full of wonderful places to visit. I have traveled through Guatemala, Belize, México, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and of course most extensively in Honduras. The culture of my mixed native heritage is so awesome I am continuously filled with pride at my indigenous brethren who have not only survived the European invasion, and the subsequent 300 years of enslavement, ethnic cleansing, and 200 years of the more modern economic oppression of my people, but they are thriving. There is moreover an increasing change in the wind. I see it every day in the Lenca children I teach and mentor. They are vibrant, intelligent and full of energy and they crave education. Happy Samhain to everyone on this 31st of October; or as my late irreverent father used to say: Happy Jala Mel Weenie!


Denuncia 12 Oct 15 001Denuncia 12 Oct 15 002Denuncia 12 Oct 15 003Denuncia 12 Oct 15 004Denuncia 12 Oct 15 005Denuncia 12 Oct 15 006

To file a complaint against an attorney in Honduras one must submit a denuncia to the Colegio de Abogados. The lawyers college has a board, the Tribunal de Honor, that hears every denuncia petition alleging incompetence and fraud. A busito leaves Comayagua for The City Mall in Tegus located across the street ftom the international airport Toncontín every day on a regular schedule. Two blocks from the mall is the Colegio de Abogados building. I walked over at 9 AM and submitted my denuncia receiving a receipt from the law clerk. I took a couple of pics of the mall food court before I walked over but was chased out by a security person saying pics were not allowed in the mall. If this denuncia is successful I will publish the crooked lawyer’s name who defrauded me. Another big denuncia I have is against the murdering thief Columbus, to whom a holiday has been dedicated in the US. May he rot in hell for initiating the slaughter of the western hemisphere’s indigenous people, their enslavement and subsequent genocide.