The Rainy Season

What can I say about the rainy season. When it rains it pours? Yes indeed it does. Some days it’s a nice gentle rain in the late afternoon though, the rising fecund odor of wet earth lifting the spirits, nudging ancient thoughts, permeating the senses, stimulating deep breaths as I thank the stars that I live here in this beautiful land surrounded by friends. Other times thunder and lightning and torrents of water whipped by arbitrary winds assault my windows. On occasion the sun and clouds dance across the sky sketching colorful sunsets as the evening phases to night. Sometimes the multiple cloudbursts pass quickly, often they last through the night drenching everything, the morn birthing the countryside greener. The union of the two raging creeks in my corner of the world roar outside my bedroom window while Mother Gaea, oblivious, does her thing.

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About Fortunato Velasquez

Fortunato Velasquez received his Registered Nurse's license from the State of California during the month that Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. On February 15, 2020, my friend and the director of the Fundación Señor San José in La Paz, La Paz, Honduras, Sister Edith Suazo Fernandez died at the age of 47. This a video of her funeral.

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