Adelante Paso a Paso

adelante-paso-a-paso-14-noviembre-2012-003.jpgadelante-paso-a-paso-14-noviembre-2012-004.jpgadelante-paso-a-paso-14-noviembre-2012-005.jpg This week we painted the new Pupusería. Actually it was Edith´s sister and niece who did the work.


There are many more improvements to be made before we delve into food sales. But each step forward is a step toward self-sustainabilty. Necessary steps are haltingly made due to financial constraints, such as money for a fogon on which to cook food, outdoor lighting for evening sales, tables and chairs, etc. The construction of our new building is mired in a newly discovered sewage problem that may require extensive repairs before actual construction can begin, setting the new Hogar San José´s completion date back even more than anticipated.

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